2180 Turnkey Engine

$5574.00 Plus $550.00 Refundable Core Charge
2180 cc Stroker – 82mm Stroke x 92mm Bore

One of the most popular of the “Stroker” motors, the 2180 puts the long 82mm stroke and big 92mm bore to good use. Extensive modifications to the case, crank and rods are carefully done in our machine shop and when combined with our cam, 042 style heads with racing valves and Mahle’s forged aluminum pistons,  makes this engine a serious contender.

All photos of engines on this website are for general reference only. They are images of customers custom built engines and not necessarily typical of the engine you are ordering. Turnkey engines are built  with black sheet metal tin. Chrome and powder coated colors are available as an upgrade option.

New cylinder heads are available for an additional $200.00






  • Reground Crankshaft & Rebuilt Connecting Rods

  • Reground Camshaft & Lifters

  • Reground or New Flywheel

  • Aluminum Piston & Cylinder Kit

  • New HD 30 mm Gear Oil Pump

  • Hot Run Tested

  • New Fan Shroud & Sheet Metal

  • Dual 40 mm HPMX Carburetor

  • New 12 Volt Generator

  • New 009 Style Distributor

  • New Blue Coil

  • New Fuel Pump

  • New Ignition Wires

 All JCS Turn Keys include the wider (23%) Cooling Fan, more efficient ‘Dog House’ style Fan Shroud Housing and Aluminum Oil Cooler Case Cases are first hot tank, then thoroughly washed by hand.  The cylinder base area is decked and  surfaced on a Bridgeport Mill to set initial deck height alignment between all four cylinders and and to eliminate oil leaks at the base of the cylinders. Case inserts or “Case Savers” are installed, Align Boring and all remaining machine work  is done and then the case is thoroughly cleaned again and painted.

VW Connecting RodsLate style 1600 rod cores are shot-peened,  sandblasted and checked for straightness. New wrist pin bushings are installed then rods are bored and honed center to center.

VW Crankshafts

JCS uses only 1600cc style “crossdrilled” crankshafts for it’s superior oiling properties. Cores are shot peened,  sand blasted, then carefully inspected for cracks, straightness and damage to the dowel pin holes and threaded ends.  Cranks are reground to exact specifications,  micro-polished and a thread chaser run on both ends.

VW Flywheels, Reground German or New

Only German flywheel cores are first inspected for worn or damaged teeth,  dowel pin holes and clutch disc mating surface wear to make sure it has not been worn or cut too deep.  After shot peening and sandblasting the seal area is polished,  the dowel pin hole area is faced to ensure proper mating to the crank and then precision ground and polished to exact specifications.

Stock Style Heavy Duty Oil Pump

Made from die cast aluminum alloy the pump housing is fully machined to exacting tolerances. Larger 30mm steel gears provide increased oil pressure during low speed operation. Pumped oil volume is increased by 30% – 40% over stock promoting lower operating temperatures.


All New Electrical – Generator, Distributor, Coil