Type 2 Stock Replacement Turnkey Crate Engines For all Bus, Campers and Vanagons

The VW Turnkey crate engines listed below are complete assemblies with all accessories except heater boxes, exhaust systems and clutch kits which are available separately.

All Turnkeys come with choice of single or dual HPMX Empi Carburtors. No Fuel Injection. New Cylinder Heads $700.00 additional.

Type 2 VW Bus Engine Turnkey
YearModelEngine SizePriceCore ChargePart Number
1972-1978 Bus, Campers Complete Turnkeys Hydraulic Lifters2000 cc5649.00800.00JCS 425 TK
1979 Bus Camper Square Port Complete Turnkeys Hydraulic Lifters2000cc5649.00800.00JCS 426 TK
1980-1983 Vanagon Hydraulic Lifters2000 cc5649.00800.00JCS 430 TK
1983-1985 Water Cooled Vanagon1900 cc5799.00800.00JCS 470 TK
1985 up Water Cooled Vanagon2100 cc5799.00800.00JCS 471 TK

1600 VW Engine Turnkey

$3074.00 Plus $550.00 Refundable Core Charge

JCS Premium Quality Stock Replacement Dual Port Air Cooled Engine

Initially produced by Volkswagen for the Beetle (Type I)  in 1971 the 1600 cc Dual Port VW engine is the most dependable and economical replacement VW engine available today.  With the introduction of the dual intake port cylinder head, improved carburetor, oiling and cooling designs, there was a significant increase in performance and reliability over previous  models. This version, with few changes, would power the Beetle thru the end of its German production in 1979 and and then in Mexico until as recently as 2003. JCS incorporates all these design feature improvements in all our Turnkeys to insure you receive the most reliable,  economical  and maintenance free VW engine  possible.

This VW engine is covered by our 12 month limited warranty.

Highly recommended for those who are looking for a reliable, economical and low maintenance daily driver.

Also see our 1641, a mild performance upgrade version that adds a touch of performance boost while maintaining the reliability, ease of maintenance and samewarranty as the 1600cc.