VW Type 2 Bus Stock Replacement Long Block Engines

Fully rebuilt engines for all Type 2 Bus, Camper, Vanagon and Waterboxer. Includes reground crankshaft, new bearing, seals, and gaskets. Reground camshaft with reground lifters, new piston/liner set and complete rebuilt heads with new seats, guides and exhaust valves. The later style from 72 on and Waterboxer are available with New AMC cylinder heads for an additional $800.00.


Model YearEngine SizePriceCore ChargePart Number
60-621200 cc2549.00550.00JCS 201R
63-661600 cc2449.00550.00JCS 202R
67 1600 cc2449.00550.00JCS 203R
68-69 Rear Mount1600 cc2449.00550.00JCS 208R
70 Rear Mount1600 cc2449.00550.00JCS 209R
71 Dual Port New Heads, Rear Mount1600 cc2449.00550.00JCS 210R
Single Port Rear Mount1641 cc2649.00550.00JCS 272R
Dual Port Rear Mount New Heads1641 cc2649.00550.00JCS 273R
1972 Bus, Camper1700 cc2899.00500.00JCS 411R
1972 Bus, Camper, Hydraulic lifters1700 cc2999.00500.00JCS 411R H
1973 Bus, Camper1700 cc2899.00500.00JCS 412R
1973 Bus, Camper Hydraulic Lifters1700 cc2999.00500.00JCS 412R H
1974 - 1975 Bus Camper1800 cc2899.00500.00JCS 413R
1974 - 1975 Bus, Camper Hydraulic Lifters1800 cc2999.00500.00JCS 413R H
1976- 1978 Bus, Camper2000 cc2899.00800.00JCS 425R
1976-1978 Bus, Camper, Hydraulic Lifters2000 cc 2999.00800.00JCS 425R H
1979 Bus, Camper, Hydraulic, Square Port2000 cc2999.0800.00JCS 426R H
1980-1983 Vanagon, Hydraulic Lifters2000.cc 2999.00800.00JCS 430R H
1983-1985 Water Boxer1900 cc3499.00600.00JCS 470R H
1986 Up Water Boxer2100 cc3349.00800.00JCS 471R H