Powder Coating – custom basic colorsThe ultimate in sheet metal coatings. Powder is applied electrostatically then heated to allow coating to flow evenly resulting in a thick, hard skin far superior to typical painting.350.00
Alternator Kit Planning on additional electrical accessories like a full rack of off-road lights, high performance auxiliary driving lights or a ground pounding hi-amp stereo system? JCS recommends a new Bosch 55 amp alternator with built in solid state voltage regulator to meet the demand for increased electrical power.199.00
HD 200mm Pressure Plate (8″) Clutch KitKennedy’ Clutches have long been relied on in Drag, Off-Road and Sand competition – as well as performance street applications. Let your motor deliver all the power it makes. If you’re serious about performance, then this is the clutch for you. The Kennedy Racing Clutch series offers you a proven design with less flex and more grabbing power. You’ll get less clutch pedal travel and crisper shifts. This new clutch comes in four load ratings. Be careful that you do not order a stronger clutch than you need. Torque capacities using a stock disc are shown below. (Complete kit includes high quality Sachs 200mm rigid or sprung disc and Sachs TO bearing)249.00
Chrome Kit Set your custom Turn-Key off with chrome plated sheetmetal. Super smooth polished finish includes aluminum degree wheel, alternator pulley and chrome hardware for that perfect touch! 350.00
Engine Color Show KitA perfect compliment to our chrome kit. Give your custom Chrome Turnkey a color accent that will really stand out! Includes Backing plate for Alternator/Generator, pulley cover, distributor cap and ignition wires. Plate, cover and cap are hard translucent plastic available in 5 bright colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Grey and Pink.69.00
DIS-IX Distributorless Ignition System For the 009 DistributorTRIPLE the energy of Conventional Electronic Ignition Systems!
COMPLETE SYSTEM includes electronics Module, custom ultra high energy coil pack, silicone spark plug wires, and all wiring, connectors and mounting hardware. • BAJA PROVEN • MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER • 60,000+ VOLT OUTPUT • INSTANT STARTING IN ANY WEATHER • MAINTENANCE FREE • SIMPLE BOLT-ON INSTALLATION
Petronics 009 Points Replacement Module Never have to adjust or replace your points again. This maintenance free, 12 volt system installs in just minutes, providing you with optimum performance and reliability.159.00
Degree Wheel PulleysThese pulleys run true and straight because they are machined from aluminum billets. They assist in setting valves and timing. Deep V belt channel keeps your belt in position at higher R.P.M.’s.All of EMPI’s pulleys are made from High Grade Aluminum, Precision Machined and High Speed Polished to a Show Quality Shine and feature full 360-Degree timing marks, screened on with a special process for longevity. Increase horsepower with precision timing and valve settings. Adds that high performance look to any engine. Available in Solid Billet Style or EMPI 5 Hole design, with black, red or blue degree numbers and marks.49.00
Sand Seal Pulley KitsSame size as stock pulleys. 5 Hole style with black degree numbers and marks. Seals, collars and spacers are included.91.00
EMPI Exclusive Hi-Performance Alunimum Degree Pulleys Sand Seal Pulleys EMPI Hi Performance Aluminum Degree Pulleys -The Ultimate Aluminum Degree Pulleys… HARD ANODIZED Black, for maximum protection from sand and dirt, PLUS LASER ENGRAVED Degree marks for long lasting service.129.00
CAST ALUMINUM OIL BREATHER KITReduce crankcase pressure, eliminate blow-by and oil loss. High reving modified engines require more crankcase ventilation than the stock breather can supply. With the EMPI Aluminum Oil Breather Kit the blow-by oil is collected in the media filter and the air vapors are vented to the atmosphere Excessive crankcase pressure in big engines results in oil leaks and blowby. This remote mounted breather system provides maximum crankcase evacuation and a reusable foam element that you simply clean and reinstall for years of trouble free service. It is also totally sealed to ensure that no outside contaminants may ever enter your engine. These are highly recommended for off road or dusty conditions.119.00