New cylinder heads are available for an additional $200.00

New Engine CaseJCS highly recommends investing in the confidence and security of a new state of the art AS41 engine case with dual oil relief valves, large oil pickup tube for superior lubrication and oil control. These new cases with steel case savers are unsurpassed in strength and reliability. Dollar for dollar a new case is probably one of the best investments you can make on your stock or performance longblock.

Full Flow Oil Pump with Spin On FilterOil Pumps are often the most overlooked part of an engine. These high capacity pumps provide added oil pressure at low speed operation, increased oil volume and oil cooling. The “Full Flow” pump with filter attached filters 100% of your oil all of the time assuring total filtration of all engine oil before it reaches the bearings. The added volume pumped will increase engine life by lowering engine temperature and pumping only 100% filtered oil to the bearings. The spin-on oil filter can be changed in just minutes. Just unscrew the old unit and spin on a new filter. A quick, simple and economical alternative to complicated full flow systems.

(Will not fit with stock muffler).
Counter Weighted CrankshaftIn Hi-Performance applications producing big horsepower the typical VW crankshaft (without counterweights) causes premature wear on the main bearings and saddles. The Counterweighted Crankshaft solves this problem by adding weight (counter weights) on opposite ends of the rod journal throws…opposing weight that balances out the entire unit. The crank is then 8 doweled and balanced. An engine equiped with a counterweighted crankshaft runs smoother, produces more power and lasts longer.

Electronic Engine BalanceAn absolute must for big bore Hi Performance applications and high RPM engines if you want it to hold together. Not a bad idea for stock engines where longevity and smooth operation is of concern. Pistons, Crank Rods, Flywheel and Pulley all electrinically precision balanced for the ultimate in a smooth running high milage engine.169.00
Windage TrayKeep your oil where it belongs… in the bottom of the engine case. A VW engine holds only 2 3/4 quarts of oil. Fast acceleration, sharp turns and quick stops causes the oil to surge away from the pick up tube. A small cost for big protection, a windage tray prevents oil from sloshing in the case ensuring proper lubrication for vital bearing surfaces.28.80
HIGH CAPACITY OIL SUMPIncrease oil supply and prevent oil starvation by adding 1 1/2 quarts of oil capacity with a High Capacity Oil Sump. The cast finned design also increases cooling.95.00
Thin Line Oil SumpThe all-new Thin Line oil sump extends only 2 inches below your engine case. It adds vital oil capacity and cooling to help keep your engine alive.

The front of the Thin Line Sump features a ram air profile to force air between the engine case and sump for even greater cooling.

The Increased oil capacity helps prevent oil starvation and pump cavitation during hard cornering and acceleration.
Super Cool TinOriginally designed for the Type 3, the Super Cool Tin fits snugly around the bottom of the cylinders creating an even airflow and actually lowering the cylinder head and barrel temperature of your engine.Available in chrome or black.44.10
Lightened Flywheel 200mm 12 volt (30 teeth) O-ring style flywheels are carefully lightened to 12 1/2 pounds, drilled for 8 dowel pins, balanced and precision ground to ensure quick, smooth clutch action.A lightened flywheel can increase the life of your engine by reducing rotating weight and even assist in quicker engine revs and faster acceleration.119.00
ENGLE PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFTSRace proven in some of the fastest VW’s in the world. Engle Cams feature billet strength and reliability.
Engle offers the widest choice of Performance Cam Grinds available.
Chromoly Pushrods Chromoly Push Rods are manufactured from hard drawn seamless 4130 chromoly 3/8″ tubing. Each Push Rod is stressed relieved for maximum performance to resist flex under the stress of high lift cams and high rev valve springs. The push rod tips are CNC machined from high carbon steel and heat treated.

Solid Rocker ShaftsIncrease the RPM potential of your engine and get more Power. with a Hi-performance Rocker Shaft Kit manufactured from high strength axle steel and finish ground to exacting standards. Helps to eliminate rocker shaft side play that causes rocker arm galling and clip and washer failure. Solid rocker shafts are especially recommended for use with higher lift cams or heavy duty valve springs.

Bolt on AluminumValve CoversThese cast aluminum covers are great for Off-Road use, where the bail/clip type may come loose. The O-ring stud seals prevent oil seepage.Clearanced for use with hi-lift rockers and designed for a no leak fit. Pressure cast aluminum with a ball burnished surface

EMPI Aluminum Valve Covers Bolt Made from investment cast aluminum, with cast in EMPI logo and polished. The finned design helps reduce upper cylinder head temperature and there is enough clearance for most high lift rocker arms.The special Channel-Type seals and stud seals insure positive sealing.95.03
Straight Cut Cam GearsSteel cam and crank gear set with straight cut creates less drag for increased horsepower.This design reduces thrust load on the cam bearings preventing premature failure. Cam timing is adjustable with the special offset washers.Manufactured from 8620 Carbonized Billet Steel for superior strength. Kit includes bolts and washers for easy installation.119.00
Total Seal RingsTotal Seal Corporation says that they have the answer for high performance piston rings.The Total Seal Compression Ring has two counter locking rings. They are designed to overlap and eliminate the old style ring gap.Lower leak down figures and less blow-by are the result of the special interlocking rings. thereby allowing your engine to achieve it’s maximum power potential. Total seal rings are the ultimate in ring sealing technology.119.00
Windage Tubes Windage Tubes are the fastest and easiest way to reduce oil sloshing and leaking valve cover gaskets.Windage Push Rod Tubes extend further into the case to prevent oil from over filling the valve covers. Made from stainless steel to resist corrosion.The extended neck of the Windage Tube fits snugly into the engine case to help keep engine oil where it belongs. The difference is in the performance. Off-road, street and all-out competition engines will run stronger and longer with controlled oil flow.