OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     1600 VW Engine Turnkey

  $2699.00 Plus $475.00 Refundable Core Charge

JCS Premium Quality Stock Replacement Dual Port Air Cooled Engine

Initially produced by Volkswagen for the Beetle (Type I)  in 1971 the 1600 cc Dual Port VW engine is the most dependable and economical replacement VW engine available today.  With the introduction of the dual intake port cylinder head, improved carburetor, oiling and cooling designs, there was a significant increase in performance and reliability over previous  models. This version, with few changes, would power the Beetle thru the end of its German production in 1979 and and then in Mexico until as recently as 2003. JCS incorporates all these design feature improvements in all our Turnkeys to insure you receive the most reliable,  economical  and maintenance free VW engine  possible. 

This VW engine is covered by our 12 month limited warranty.

Highly recommended for those who are looking for a reliable, economical and low maintenance daily driver.

Also see our 1641, a mild performance upgrade version that adds a touch of performance boost while maintaining the reliability, ease of maintenance and same warranty as the 1600cc.





  • JCS  12 Month Limited Warranty
  • Reground Crankshaft & Rebuilt Connecting Rods
  • Reground Camshaft & Lifters
  • Rebuilt Cylinder Heads
  • Reground or New Flywheel
  • Aluminum Piston & Cylinder Kit
  • New HD 30 mm Gear Oil Pump
  • Hot Run Tested
  • New Fan Shroud & Sheet Metal
  • New 34 Pict Carburetor
  • New 12 Volt Generator
  • New 009 Style Distributor
  • New Blue Coil
  • New Fuel Pump
  • New Ignition Wires

All JCS Turn Keys include the wider (23%) Cooling Fan, more efficient ‘Dog House’ style Fan Shroud Housing and Aluminum Oil Cooler Case Cases are first hot tank, then thoroughly washed by hand. The cylinder base area is decked and surfaced on a Bridgeport Mill to set initial deck height alignment between all four cylinders and and to eliminate oil leaks at the base of the cylinders. Case inserts or “Case Savers” are installed, Align Boring and all remaining machine work is done and then the case is thoroughly cleaned again and painted.
Dual Port Heads JCS buys thousands of head cores every year. A good portion of those are scrapped for the aluminum “scrap value” because they are too worn to be rebuilt or require too much work. We select only the best cores for rebuilding to insure a high quality, dependable finished product and to minimize the amount of labor put into rebuilding a head. These select cores are then fully machined… valve guides are replaced with manganese-bronze guides designed for extreme wear resistance and improved lubrication. All valve seats are replaced with heat treated chromoly steel seats that promote a quick, high heat transfer rate from the valve to the cylinder head casting
VW Connecting Rods Late style 1600 rod cores are shot-peened, sandblasted and checked for straightness. New wrist pin bushings are installed then rods are bored and honed center to center
VW Crankshafts JCS uses only 1600cc style “crossdrilled” crankshafts for it’s superior oiling properties. Cores are shot peened, sand blasted, then carefully inspected for cracks, straightness and damage to the dowel pin holes and threaded ends. Cranks are reground to exact specifications, micro-polished and a thread chaser run on both ends.
VW Flywheels, Reground German or New Only German flywheel cores are first inspected for worn or damaged teeth, dowel pin holes and clutch disc mating surface wear to make sure it has not been worn or cut too deep. After shot peening and sandblasting the seal area is polished, the dowel pin hole area is faced to ensure proper mating to the crank and then precision ground and polished to exact specifications.
Stock Style Heavy Duty Oil Pump Made from die cast aluminum alloy the pump housing is fully machined to exacting tolerances. Larger 30mm steel gears provide increased oil pressure during low speed operation. Pumped oil volume is increased by 30% – 40% over stock promoting lower operating temperatures.
Solex 34 Pict Carburetor Fast trouble free cold weather starts are assured with a brand new electric choke Solex carburetor. The all new Solex 34 Pict costs less than many so called factory rebuilt units and will out perform OEM factory supplied carburetors The 34 pict carburetor offers many engineering features that will help eliminate flat spots, bogging between shifts and poor mileage.
All New Electrical Generator, Distributor, Coil